Yukon Musicians Podcast “Merv Bales”

On an afternoon in the summer of 2011 I sat down with Merv Bales to find out more about his musical story.

Merv is a long time Yukon musician well known for his guitar work behind the likes of Hank Karr, The Canucks, Bill and Rusty Reid, Joe Loutchin and many others.  Merv is a first class musician who always seems to be playing “just what the song calls for” on any given number.  He is a fine soloist with taste and restraint.

For a long time I’ve wanted to know “how he got here” – meaning how he got to be the musician we know him as today.  As usual, his musical journey, early influences and life experiences have contributed to who he is.

This is the podcast from that afternoon.  I hope you enjoy it.

– Grant Simpson

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