September 2010

September 2010
So another fall arrives and there are a few things on the horizon that are exciting.
On October 2nd my band “Five Finger Rapids” will be featured at the Whitehorse Coffee House (Whitehorse Folk Society) located at the Whitehorse United Church Basement.

Then the same group will be featured at a Houseconcert in Pineridge (details on the Performances page)

Then the band leaves for China and the Nanjing Jazz Festival on October 19th, 2010. I’ll be in China for just under a month, then returning to the Yukon for a winter of playing music, hanging out with my kid, my friends and my sled dogs. I know the winter will be full of good music and am looking forward to it very much.

The two inches of snow as of Sept. 24th is a little much to take, but……………..that’s the Yukon for ya :c)

– G

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