Off to China – October 2010

Well, I’m getting ready to head off to China for a month with my band “Five Finger Rapids”. I will be performing at the Nanjing Jazz and World Music Festival for a second time and am really excited to head back there.

But before we go, we’ve got a house concert here in Whitehorse at the Taylor’s house. I won’t put any details about the concert up here because it’s sold out (50 tickets) which is wonderful. I love the Yukon. Thanks so much to Ken and Marilynne and Erica who did this all together. I really look forward to the evening.

then………….off to China. I’ll get to visit my daughter on the way through Vancouver (but only for one day) then straight to the Festival.

Dong, Jinming is the organizer of the Nanjing Festival and is also a stellar musician. I am hoping I’ll get a chance to collaborate with him on this trip.

Dong Jinming and Grant

More later. This new website I’ve put up allows me to update the site remotely so I may be able to keep it fresher in the future.

– Grant

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