Well, it’s the time of year where everything kind of grinds to a halt around the Yukon.  Kids come home, people stop working, they eat together at the tables.  It’s a nice time. 

This year, it’s just my son and I and we’re taking advantage of the time together and playing lots of music together.  He’s been learning bass, and one day I offered to give him a piano lesson if he wanted one and he lit right up.   So the last few days have been teaching him songs on the piano and then he switches to bass and we play a couple more tunes. 

When that’s not going on, nothing else looks a whole lot different over the holidays.  Feeding sled dogs, and mushing as often as I can.  It’s a little more challenging than last year, since last year the temperatures stuck around the balmy -10 or so.  This year, we’ve got a lot of -25 and colder, so it makes the mushing experience a little ………. colder.  But even then, I love being out there.  It’s simply one of my favorite things to do. 

 As is quite normal in my life up here, there is also a lot of music and dinner with friends and just hanging out in the Yukon. 

I hope that you are all enjoying the time together with your families and friends.

As we tend to say a lot in the Yukon,  “Be safe and stay warm”

– G

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