Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom, Mildred Simpson turns 85 today and I thought I’d share a bit about her with you. When I think about the good times I’ve had with Mom over the years and try to forget about all the vicious beatings and complete and utter repression ……… just kidding Ma :c) I think about the times she’s made me laugh. We’ve had some great times together including a trip to Toronto to visit and hang out with my mom’s new cousins that I found while doing some genealogy work. They were cousins from her Dad’s side who we knew very little about when I started. I presented her with a big thick book of information I had put together and in the back of it were tickets to Toronto. Fun and quite magical. We had a grand time of visiting and hanging out.

Then I took her with me on a couple of tours when I was playing with New Orleans North. She loved the music we played in that band and adored Lloyd Arntzen and his quirky funny stories and “classy guy” approach to music and life….. and so do I. But we toured down the states a bit and throughout BC another time and Alberta on another tour (those were just the one’s I took Mom on) And we had a lot of fun while she got to see the “other side of being a musician”. Every concert we played, the presenters would fuss over her and make her feel like royalty. Then we’d laugh it up afterwards somewhere (while trying to find food to eat after the concert because we had no time to eat before the concert – and it’s quite hard to find food in Brooks Alberta and other places like that after 10.) Welcome to the Road Mom – was the constant refrain from the whole band.

I also remember having dinner with mom and I and Bria Skonberg in some little place in B.C. or Alberta and the three of us laughed it up together. That was fun – watching Bria blow-away audience after audience as only she can do. So fun! So Great! and SO GRATEFUL.

So – Happy Birthday Mom. 85 years old. That’s really somethin’.

Here’s three little things I know you’ll like to see:

Here’s New Orleans North playing “Thriftstore on the Corner” by Lloyd Arntzen – sung and played as only he can do. I know that one made you smile – and sing-a-long to every time – at every concert. (Alan Matheson – trumpet Lloyd Arntzen – clarinet and vocals – Grant Simpson – piano and Graeme Peters on drums)12 – The Thrift Store on the Corner

And here’s a very rough version of a song I wrote for my Mom’s birthday a couple of years ago. I haven’t been able to record it yet – so this is the only version I have. Just me – my guitar – sitting in my cabin playing the song so I could let Mom hear it. TheOldPostOffice

And here is a cartoon that’s been in the family for years. It was drawn before I was born, but it includes all the rest of my family. You’ll have to imagine a thought bubble over my dad’s head saying “when am I ever going to have a NORMAL child – maybe we should try one last time”

Happy Birthday MA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Grant

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