Grant and Kate with Six String Nation Guitar

Probably, many of you have heard about the Six String Nation guitar
project, but for those of you who haven’t (I didn’t know about it
until OCFF this year), I found it to be a really fascinating and
beautiful project.

In short, Jowi Taylor has had a guitar built out of 63 pieces of
Canadian History. Every piece of it has a wonderful history and link
to Canada and it covers all parts of Canada. There is a great Youtube
clip that tells the story of the guitar and what Jowi is doing here:

Now that the guitar is complete, it has turned into a series of
portraits that include people, musicians and non-musicians holding the
guitar and the number of portraits that they have are in the 25,000
range. Kate and I had some done at OCFF and so I thought I’d include
them here for you to see.

Photo Credit Doug Nicholson/Six String Nation
The Six String Nation Website is at :

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