Don Ogilvie

My friend and fellow musician Don Ogilvie is returning to the Yukon to do some playing and teaching.

Don and I played all over Canada together in New Orleans North (a traditional Jazz band) and we toured in China together in 2008.  Don is one of the finest musicians I have ever known.  A real world-class guitarist. 

We are doing a couple of shows together in Whitehorse, so if you want to catch some of Don’s playing, please come on out.  Check out the upcoming shows list on the right hand side. 

As a bit of a sampler, here’s a couple of cuts from the live concert we did last year together:
DonOgilvie-csharp (This is a solo guitar feature with Don playing some beautiful stuff)
DonGrant-Blackbird (Duet with Don and Grant)

It’ll be really good to hang out with Don again, play some music and catch up.

– G

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