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Yukon Musicians Podcast “Merv Bales”

On an afternoon in the summer of 2011 I sat down with Merv Bales to find out more about his musical story. Merv is a long time Yukon musician well known for his guitar work behind the likes of Hank … Continue reading

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Professional Musicians Forum

What does it mean to be a “professional” musician? I know that there will be a host of interpretations of this question and therefore a wide array of “angles”. But when I ask myself this question, which I do often, … Continue reading

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Songwriting – the life and business

I was fortunate be driving into town today and got to hear the interview from the CBC archives with Richard Rogers – and then another with Oscar Hammerstein.
WHAT AN INSPIRATIONAL INTERVIEW. I am deeply familiar with both these men’s work, both seperately and together, but to hear them talk about the songwriting process, and how it fits into the business model and success and the other “side” of the business.
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