Grant’s Scrap Book

with Dick Wellstood in 1984

Dick is one of my favorite players and people. I miss him very much. Dick was a true original in every way. The more I listen to him, the more he completely blows my mind.



with Dave Mckenna in 1983

Dave Mckenna is one of the best piano players to ever live. He litterally changed the way solo piano is played and I will be forever grateful and one of his biggest fans. Dave is also a great man and has been very kind to me over the years.




Playing with Ralph Sutton in Nanaimo, B.C. in 1984
Ralph Sutton was truly one of the great Stride Pianists of all time. He was very kind to me and during one of his performances in Nanaimo he surprised me by introducing a duet and as you can see, took great joy in the whole event. At the end of the number he hip-checked me off the bench sending me onto the floor to the audiences delight.







Playing a Gig with Fraser MacPhearson in 1987
Fraser MacPhearson was one of the great swing tenor players in Canada and in my opinion anywhere. He played beautiful melody and swinging lines constantly. It was a great honour and priviledge to be able to play for him on a few occasions.  We spent many hours talking about jazz and it’s players, about songs and the composers and life as a professional musician.


Seoul, South Korea – 2000
While there we played a special appearance at the Canadian Ambassador to Korea’s residence.  Here we are standing with Arthur Perron Canadian Ambassador to Korea and his lovely wife Diana.




Seoul, South Korea – 2000

Enjoying the sights, sounds and life of Seoul. Here on an outing with my kids, it was one of the the most enjoyable parts of the trip, to be able to show them a whole new world.