Workshops and Education

Grant Simpson is a veteran educator who has worked with many aspiring and professional musicians throughout his career.

Workshops include:

  • Improvising (Basic and Advanced)
  • Teaching Improvising (for Music Teachers)
  • Basic Arranging (Playing with Chord Charts and adding your own touch to songs)
  • Jazz History (this is a masterclass in which Grant plays and talks you through the history of Jazz)
  • Stride Piano Masterclass
  • Jazz Piano Masterclass
  • Working with Ensembles
  • Songwriting Workshops of various types.


Here is a video that was made by the teens at the Perth Public Library which was taken during the workshop that Grant gave with Kate Weekes in the summer of 2013 in Perth, Ontario.

For more information on workshops, masterclasses, private lessons or other educational components, please contact Grant at: to plan your workshop.