Late November 2009

A new Band? Yup, there’s a new band in town. Five Finger Rapids!Listen to one of our Demo Cuts – Beneath the Yukon Moon.

More about Five Finger Rapids Here

Gearing up for Old Crow and then Pianorama.

…..earlier this month

Lots happening in the Yukon Music World these days. There are some new gigs around here and there and bands are playing and rehearsing and there are jams and workshops and much more. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.

I’m getting ready to head to Old Crow for a show. Old Crow is a facinating place and one that I’ve always wanted to go and experience. Have a look at their website here.

So I leave on Monday which will take me away for a few days – but not before I attend the birthday of my good friends Erika Heyliger and Selena. That’ll be a good party!!!! -and I’m sure there’ll be some fine music played as well.

Erica and Selena

Erika is a Luthier, musician, songwriter, outdoor gal, paddler, hiker………………………….. It’s exhausting just to try and type it all……….. :c) Happy Birthday Erika and Selena!

When I get back from Old Crow, I’ll be jumping into “Pianorama”! The details are on the poster below (click it to view)

There are also workshops going on through MusicYukon which I am involved with. Monday nights at the MusicYukon Resource Centre is where it all happens.
Monday – November 30th at 7:00 p.m. is the next Yukon Songwriter’s Circle
Monday – December 7th at 7:00 p.m. is the next “learning to solo” session.

For more information on these, you can contact Steve at MusicYukon 456-8742.

Things you can join to learn more:

•Yukon Pianorama! Facebook Page
•MusicYukon’s Songwriter’s Circle Facebook Page
Coming up in January – Don Ogilvie Gypsy Jazz Workshops and Private Lessons.

Click here to get the brochure and more information.

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